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Greenaway and back challenge!

Greenaway Buoy is the seaward marker for the entrance to Padstow Harbour; A red can off Trebetherick Point which is where the Atlantic ocean swell really begins to get your attention.

To enter our challenge, sail out, around and back, from anywhere along an imaginary line extending the northern wall of the clubhouse. About an hour 20 is a good target time. Lots of phone apps and clever watches record and track activities. Mine only allows an outdoor cycle or run but that works. If possible a screen shot of your attempt but basically trust and good faith so time yourself and notify me. I will maintain a leader board and hope 2 prizes, one for best time and one for best corrected time can be awarded at the virtual laying up supper. Unless forbidden I will assume your permission to post leader board times and any recounts of  voyages. 

Caution needed crossing ferry route and around large vessels. Best attempted just before high tide to avoid very strong currents around half tide. Can get very large waves approaching Buoy so if in doubt cry off and try another day. On club sailing days a safety boat may be available to accompany.

Best of luck, as times come in I will post a leader board on link below.

Any reports of attempts or other sailing activities  will be posted on blog above. See my report of first attempt.

Alan Roberson

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